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BibleProject Podcast
The Anointed • Episode 1
"Christ" Is Not a Name
58m • March 13, 2023

The title most often applied to Jesus is “the anointed one”—that’s what the Greek word “christ” means! But what is the practice of anointing? What does it signify, and who gets anointed? The practice of anointing people with oil is a theme we can trace throughout the entire story of the Bible. In this episode, Tim and Jon start a brand new theme study all about anointing.

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  • Part one (00:00-21:48)
  • Part two (21:48-36:43)
  • Part three (36:43-49:12)
  • Part four (49:12-57:23)

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  • “Defender (Instrumental)” by TENTS
  • “On the Moon” by SwuM
  • “Issa Vibe” by Sam Stewart
  • “On My Way (alt. version)” by Sam Stewart

Show produced by Cooper Peltz with Associate Producer Lindsey Ponder, Lead Editor Dan Gummel, and Editors Tyler Bailey and Frank Garza. Mixed by Tyler Bailey. Podcast annotations for the BibleProject app by Hannah Woo.

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Anointed E1  –  58m
"Christ" Is Not a Name
Anointed E2  –  56m
What’s So Special About Oil?
Anointed E3  –  1hr 9m
Saul the Anti-Anointed
1hr 9m
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